5 Things You Should NEVER Ask Your REALTOR®!

questionOver the past 13 years of selling real estate in Myrtle Beach, I have experienced all types of situations and questions from clients.  Unfortunately, because of the Fair Housing Act there are certain questions that as a Real Estate Agent, I am not allowed to answer.

Here are just of the few questions I have been asked in the past.  These are questions you should never ask your REALTOR®:

  • Are there a bunch of kids in the neighborhood? I don’t want a bunch of children living around me!  One of the classes covered under the Fair Housing Act is age.  If the age of your neighbors is an issue to you, I always suggest driving through the neighborhood and look for clues to make your own conclusion.  Look for basketball hoops, trampolines, swing sets and children on bicycles.
  • Are there a bunch of (enter a particular race) living here?  Another protected class under the Fair Housing Act is race.  As a REALTOR® we cannot discriminate against race.  Surprisingly though, we are asked this question probably more than any other question.
  • Is this home located in a ghetto?  This is the actual question that sparked me to write this post.  First, I do not know what you would consider a ghetto.  Secondly, even if I knew what was considered a ghetto, I would not be able to disclose that information.  If someone who asked this was referring to the safety of a neighborhood, I cannot discuss that either. I would instead refer the client to the local police department who can share about the safety of the neighborhood.
  • Are there a bunch of (enter any religion) living here?  Just like race and age, we cannot discriminate against religion either.
  • It seems there are some disabled people living next door, will that affect my property?  Disabled people are also part of a protected class.  I cannot comment, positive or negative about disabled people either.

While there are many other wild and crazy questions I receive daily, these are just 5 of the more regular questions I am asked that I cannot answer that relate to buying a home here in Myrtle Beach. So, while you may want answers to questions like these, use some of the suggestions I mentioned to find your answers instead of your real estate agent.

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Jeremy is a full time REALTOR® who specializes in homes for sale throughout the Myrtle Beach Area.

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