Where To Find Good Thai Food In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Thai FoodWhile Myrtle Beach is known for it’s numerous amounts of restaurants across the Grand Strand, sometimes when there are so many options it is difficult to know which places are the best for getting a good bite to eat.  This becomes even more difficult you get into more specific nationalities of foods.

My wife is a huge fan of spicy food.  The spicier she can find it, the more she will love it.  While she was pregnant with our first child, I caught her one day pouring hot sauce straight from the bottle onto her spoon and drinking it.  That’s how much she LOVES spicy.  So, whenever we get a chance to go out on a date, she loves going to good Thai food restaurants and order some of the hottest stuff they have.

Over the years, we have tried probably over a half dozen Thai places all up and down Myrtle Beach.  Some were ok, some left much to be desired.  Over time, we have basically though narrowed it down to two places.  One is down on the southern end of the beach in Murrells Inlet called The Blue Elephant.

By far, The Blue Elephant is the most authentic Thai Food that you can find anywhere on the beach.  However, if you do not have a reservation, you might get turned away.  Also, don’t expect your meal to be done quickly if you go here.  Dr. Paul runs a one man kitchen and dishes are made to order.  My suggestion if you go here is to order something you don’t mind splitting with the others at the table.  You could wait 10 minutes between guests being served their food.  Unfortunately the sharing doesn’t always work too well for us as I don’t quite have the Teflon tongue that she has.

Myrtle Beach Thai FoodWhile we love the truly authentic food at Blue Elephant, we really don’t care for the long drive during busy seasonal months, it taking the full evening to eat, or having to carry cash to pay for the evening.  Remember, my wife and I have 3 kids under 10, so date nights to us are very precious time.  If we want to accomplish anything other than eating, we can’t pick going here.

Instead, when we are in the mood for Thai food, our go to place is Thai Cuisine in Myrtle Beach.  It’s located downtown right in the middle of things.  Just like Blue Elephant, the decor on the inside and outside leave much to be desired. Luckily, the exceptional food makes up for it.

We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary by going to eat here.  I ordered the same thing I get every time I visit, Thai Cuisine Fried Rice.  It’s fried rice with chicken, beef, shrimp, crab, peas, & carrots.  Since I am not much for spicy things myself, this dish is right up my alley.  Every time I order it, it comes hot, fresh and is delicious.

I believe on this trip, my wife tried the spicy beef salad.  She said it was delicious and just hit the spot.  She also enjoyed an authentic Thai tea with her meal.  We arrived a little later in the evening and had the whole place to ourselves.  We enjoyed hot fresh made meals all for under $30.

Thai Cuisine opens at 11AM and is a great option for lunch as well.  Located at 1208 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.  You can also order take out if you would like by calling them at 843-946-7475.

So if you are looking for Thai food in Myrtle Beach, this is the place to go!


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