Questions To Ask When Selling Your Myrtle Beach Home

Myrtle BeachWhen looking for an agent to sell your Myrtle Beach home, there are several questions that are very important to ask to make sure you are choosing the proper agent.  Of course, the #1 question everyone has on there mind is: What is your Commission to sell my home?

While this is an important thing in selling your home, so that you are able to save as much money as possible, it can sometimes do the opposite effect if the agent has to cut back their marketing and advertising because they cut their commission.   So, here are a few other questions to ask when interviewing an agent to sell your Myrtle Beach property:

1. How many listings do you currently have?  You want an agent that has other listings at this time.  Normally that is a good sign that they are receiving buyer leads.  If an agent only has your home listed, the percentage of sales leads they receive will be less.  Less leads means less opportunities for the agent to share information about your home with those who call in.

2.  What will you do to market my property?  This is a key question.  When you ask this question, don’t just listen to the things they say, ask them for proof.   One of the things we do for our listings is make a full color feature sheet that is placed in every listing.  We do this because when a person views 10-12 homes in a day, they sometimes forget what all they have seen, so if they have something like the flyer to the left to take home with them, they will remember your home more.  You also will want to know what type of print publications are will your property be in, and how often will it be found in those publications.

3.  What websites will my home be listed on?  In todays market over 82% of buyers search on the web before even contacting an agent.  If you are wanting your property sold in a timely manner, it needs to be exposed to as many places as possible.

4.  Are you participating in Real Estate 2.0?  The way real estate is being done now includes agents having blogs where buyers can find more information about the current market, a certain area, and also what recent trends are showing.  This also helps an agent to build up ranking on the major search engines like Google.

YouTube logo5.  Do you do virtual tours/video? With increasing numbers of internet buyers, they want to see more than just an outside picture, they want to be able to view an entire home with one click.  They want a full tour of the inside, outside, and amenities a home has to offer.   A national study showed that 73% of consumers prefer to work with someone using video while only 13% are actually doing so.

Asking these 5 simple questions can help you to find an agent that will try to aggressively sell your property in Myrtle Beach in the quickest time possible. In order for an agent to do all of the things listed above, it does cost time and money.  But, if the end result is getting your home sold in market where there are 10 other properties like yours listed for sale already, it will definitely be worth a higher commission rate to sell your home faster than your neighbors.  Think of it this way…if you can pay an extra 1% commission on a home listed at $175,000, that is an addition $1,750.  But if your home sells in 2 months instead of 10 months, you have saved 8 months of mortgage payments, utility bills, association dues, maintenance, and upkeep which can be much greater of a cost.

Plus, think of how selling the home now will affect your future!  If you are not able to move back home to be near family, or move to that new destination you have always wanted to live in, you can be held back from the future life you want to be living.

In closing, remember, your agent is there to try and sell your home as soon as possible and in the quickest time possible.  The quicker they can sell your home, and the more it sells for means less money spent by the agent and more in their pocket.

Hope these tips help, and if you need assistance selling property in the Myrtle Beach Area, or anywhere in the world, contact me and let me assist you in selling yourhome!


Jeremy is a full time REALTOR® who specializes in homes for sale throughout the Myrtle Beach Area.

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