Is Your Home Not Selling? Time to Address “The Pink Toilet Effect” in Your Home!

Pink ToiletIt is no news to anyone that selling real estate has drastically changed over the past several years.  During 2004-2006 we experienced a very strong sellers market where you would just list your home for sale and wait for multiple offers to flood in within the first week.  In many occasions, these multiple offers would result in higher than listing price offers being made by buyers.

The seller had no need to do any renovations to the home.  Well with the market swinging to a strong buyers market, now a seller must look at their property and do whatever possible to make their property appealing to prospective buyers.  The simple fixes of de-cluttering rooms and a fresh coat of paint are not enough anymore.

The two rooms to start your updating in any home are the bathrooms and kitchen.  It is time to remove the dated pink toilet that was installed in the early 1980’s and replace with an upgraded new one.  Also, upgrade the faucets, flooring, counters.  Another thing buyers are looking for are upgrades in appliances.  Whenever you do these types of renovations remain neutral in all selections.  Sometimes the little bit of extra money spent to upgrade to the granite counters or stainless appliances can be the difference between a home for sale and SOLD home.



Jeremy is a full time REALTOR® who specializes in homes for sale throughout the Myrtle Beach Area.

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