Selling a Myrtle Beach Home- The Closing Date

When selling a Myrtle Beach home, a typical issue that you can run into is the closing date being changed.  While there are several things that can affect the date on which the property closes, some of the more common reasons can be that the lender needs to delay closing because they aren’t able to finish the loan on time.

Another thing that can slow down or change the closing date is the home inspection.  Sometimes items come up in the home inspection that can slow down the closing date because of repairs needing to be completed.  If it takes two extra weeks for a part to come in, the new buyers may not want to close until they know all the repairs have been completed.

A third reason the closing could be delayed is due to the attorney.  Sometimes the attorneys have too many closings already scheduled for the day and don’t have a time slot available to close on the day originally scheduled, they may need to move it back a day or two.

The main thing to remember in these situations is although the closing date might sometimes get delayed, delay does not be denial.  It simply means it might a day or two longer till the actual closing happens and you get your money from selling the home.  So if you experience a delay for one of these reason, there no need to panic, closing will still happen.

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